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50 | Vocalization Tools (Part 2)

August 30, 2018

In 50 we continue looking at fun props and tools we can use to help singers of any age to explore and discover their voice. 

We bring back conversation highlights from season one and season two with some of our previous guests

Podcast mentioned in this episode:

19 Student Who Struggle with Stillness: Interview with Shannon Coates
Shannon shares how she uses the therapy bands with her singers. 

23 Favorite Vocal Warm-Ups Sara Campbell (Sara’s Music Studio) talks about her Red Feather Boa and how she uses it to encourage more expressive singing. 

33 Working with Kids with Special Needs: Interview with Amanda Broadfoot. Amanda describes how she uses a mirror and some dry erase markers in her lessons. 

43 Movement in the Voice Studio: Interview with Christin Coffee Rondeau
Christin talks about using body percussion to engage singers.