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49 | Vocalization Tools

August 17, 2018

Long gone are the days when a voice teacher plops a student beside their piano and makes them stand and sing by rote. I mean, singing by rote is an important skill, for sure, but we have SO MANY ways to engage our students and help them explore and discover their voices! 

Links and further study on this topic!

Dana Lentini’s Blog: Born to Sing Kids: http://www.born2singkids.com/blog/vocalizing
Dana shares her fun tools and how she uses them to help singers to explore their voices. 

Fun Tools (and where to find them)


Ultimate Music Theory White Boards

Perfect for everyday use in your student. Vocal expression lines are my favorite. 

Find them Here: www.ultimatemusictheory.com 


mini flashcards

mini flashcards

The FULL VOICE Tonic sol-fa wall.

The FULL VOICE Tonic sol-fa wall.

Tonic Sol-fa flashcards and wall cards

Mini Tonic Sol-fa flashcards can be used for fun games and they make a good warm-up too! 




Straws and Kazoos

Kazoos are colorful and fun. They are also a fantastic semi-occluded vocal exercise. 

Find them on Amazon: Kazoos

Teacher Tip: Washing a Kazoo is easy. Warm water and dish soap and rinse until clean. Leave on a towel to dry. 



Balls and bean bags (for toss and sing activities) 

Plastic, foam, bumpy – the keyword is soft. Textured balls (like the ones in the picture) can be found everywhere including Amazon, Walmart, and specialty education sites (google textured balls, stress balls or sensory balls.)

Juggling balls are soft and have a nice weight to them. (and they won’t bounce around the room if dropped. You can find them on Amazon 

Or, you can make your own juggling balls (if you have that kind of time!)


Yoga Balls and Resistance Bands
Yoga balls and resistance bands are useful tools to engage the whole body. They come in different sizes and weights. They are not crazy expensive and can be found online and in most athletic stores.

Teacher Tip: There is always THAT student who will find a way to get hurt with such props. Be mindful when using these tools. (Ok, I was the one that fell off the Yoga ball and smacked my head on the bookcase…just be careful.)

More Ideas…

singing FUNdamentals.png

West Music: Singing FUNdamental Toy Box
The Singing Fundamentals kit created by Lee Gwozdz (I have no idea how to pronounce that name!) includes toys, a 28-page instructional handbook on how to use the toys for vocal technique and development and a plastic storage bin. Use the toys to help with vowel formation, breathing, diphthongs, head voice, crescendo-decrescendo, breath