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35 | Posture vs Alignment: Interview with Voice and Yoga teacher Sarah Whitten

August 14, 2017

My very special guest, Sarah Whitten talks about connecting the singer to the whole body, posture vs alignment and how she uses her extensive training in Yoga and Voice to help her voice students. 

Sarah’s website: www.sarahwhitten.com is a great resource for voice teachers and yogis (voice teacher yogis!). 


Sarah’s Website: www.sarahwhitten.com
Alignment and The Voice Workshop –  http://www.sarahwhitten.com/alignment/


Voice and yoga teacher - Sarah Whitten WWW.SARAHWHITTEN.COM

Voice and yoga teacher – Sarah Whitten WWW.SARAHWHITTEN.COM

About our guest: 

A 500 hour certified Yoga Instructor, Sarah trained with Barbara Benagh in the slow flow method, a fusion of Iyengar and Hatha yoga and has gone on to study yoga as therapy with top yoga therapists in North America. She has completed year 1 of certification in Nutritious Movement with Katy Bowman. A classically trained singer, she is member of the National Association of Teachers of Singing (NATS), and the Voice Foundation. She holds a Masters in Vocal Pedagogy as well as a Masters in Vocal Performance, both from The Ohio State University. She has completed additional coursework in Voice Disorders through the MGH Institute of Health Professions and done additional studies in The Estill Method and Lovetri’s Somatic Voicework. A member of Harvard’s Holden Voice Faculty for 13 years, she has presented workshops on the body for professional and amateur singers at the National NATS Conference (2016) New England Regional NATS summer conferences (2009, 2011), the Buckeye NATS chapter (2010), the Boston NATS Chapter (2012) as well at colleges and universities and secondary schools around Boston. She has taught yoga in the Greater Boston area since 2008.