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3 | Interview with Linda Saarenvirta, Speech Language Pathologist

October 26, 2015

Interview with Speech Language Pathologist, Linda Saarenvirta, B.A., M.S., SLP Reg. CASLPO

Overview: In this podcast host, Nikki Loney speaks to Linda Saarenvirta, Speech Language Pathologist at S.L. Hunter Speechworks in Burlington, Ontario, Canada. Linda discusses the clientèle she works with and the voice and speech disorders she treats. She answers questions from professional Voice Teachers and lets voice teachers know when (and how) to refer a singer to see a SLP.

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About our Guest:

Linda Saarenvirta is a speech-language pathologist who has been practicing for over 20 years in the healthcare field.  She has worked with a variety of communication disorders and clients of all ages.  She is extremely passionate about voice therapy and enjoys helping clients achieve their vocal needs.  Her client centered approach to therapy ensures all clients maximize their potential and achieve their goals.



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