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29 | Interview with John Henny: Skype Lessons and the New Science of Singing Course

January 27, 2017

In this podcast, we talk with LA Vocal Coach, John Henny about Teaching long distance voice lessons (Skype Lessons) and about his new online course: The New Science of Singing Certification. 



About John Henny:


John Henny is a celebrity vocal coach in Los Angeles who creates vocal products to help singers and teachers around the globe.  

John is a member of the prestigious Pan American Vocology Association, which is dedicated to cutting-edge vocal science.  John has also served as voice expert and columnist to Backstage Magazine.

He has been a featured lecturer at USC, The Learning Annex, and Paul McCartney’s Liverpool Institute of the Arts, just to name a few.


John Henny’s Podcast, The Intelligent Vocalist dives deep into the world of singing and voice.  From vocal science, to singing and performance lessons, John brings his 25 years of teaching expertise to each episode.

The goal is to empower every singer (and professional speaker) with the knowledge to use their voice in the healthiest way possible.


John Henny’s Online course: The New Science of Singing Certification

Course includes:

  • The vocal anatomy you NEED TO KNOW, explained in plain English
  • What muscles you need to control
  • Understand breathing and support
  • What vocal resonance is and how to control it
  • Why vocal breaks occur and how to eliminate them
  • What formants and harmonics are and how they make the difference between sounding awesome or awful
  • How to use vowels to bring out your full voice
  • How to break down vocal exercises, understand them and use them correctly
  • Vocal exercises to put your new knowledge into action


facebook ad course.jpg

Get early Access to John’s new course: MUSIC TEACHER MARKETER

Course Includes

  • Setting Up Your Business Page and Website for Best Results
  • How to Use the Facebook Pixel
  • How to Create Ads
  • Ad Copy
  • How to Measure Your Results
  • How to Target the Right Customers
  • How to Find New Audiences Most Likely to Buy From You
  • Eight Weekly Course Modules