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26 | Effective Lesson Pacing for Young Singers (Part One)

December 26, 2016



In this podcast:

Great lesson pacing in the private teaching studio is always challenging! There are so many things to consider when facilitating fun, education vocal music curriculums. The first part is all about STUDENT FOCUSED TEACHING. Mindfully catering the curriculum to the individual's needs. 

Teacher Take-a-ways

  • Lesson pacing for young singers is different. We discuss the various activities young singers need in a complete voice lesson. 
  • Mindful, student-focused teaching is about really being present and catering to the needs of the student.
  • How to be flexible in your lesson planning to accommodate all little singers.
  • How to know if your lesson pacing is working.
  • How to know when your lesson pacing is NOT working for you. 
  • 10 teacher tips for better lesson pacing!