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23 | Favourite Vocal Warm-Ups and Technical Exercises

October 20, 2016

Thank you SO MUCH for this excellent podcast!! I had written down so many helpful tips from you and your wonderful guests. I will use these warm up exercises with my students both at school and at home. – L. Hudson,


Have you ever wondered what vocal exercises your colleagues are using in their teaching studios? In this podcast, we bring back expert guests and ask them about their favorite vocal warms up and technical exercises. 

From rhythmic breathing to tongue twisters. Lip trills and wait for it…a red feather boa? Our expert educators share their techniques for engaging young singers with their bodies, breath, and voices. (Not to mention, have some fun!) 

(A Special thank you to Liping Hudson for this great idea for a podcast topic. Thanks for listening Liping! )

A special thank you to our returning guests:

Sara Campbell – Voice and Piano teacher, blogger and the owner of Sara’s Music Studio
Mim Adams – Voice Teacher, arranger, and co-author of the FULL VOICE Workbooks
Shannon Coates – Voice teacher, registered music teacher, president of the Ontario Chapter of NATS www.shannon-coates.com

Jason Hales – Voice teacher and concert promoter
Anne Barnshaw – Voice Coach, Accompanist, Music Director