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A picture of a woman laughing with firery red hair and the caption Raising Your Rates with Dr. Bethany Turpin

Raising Your Rates with Dr. Bethany Turpin

September 1, 2023

We all get nervous about price increases. Teachers lose sleep, worrying about what would happen if they raised rates with a slight increase. What would happen if you DOUBLED your rates? Bethany did the math and discovered that she needed a significant increase to make a living. Did it work out for her? Did she lose all her students?… Listen to the season eight premiere episode and find out!

About our guest

Bethany is a voice and piano teacher from Yarmouth, Nova Scotia. She works with singers of all ages and teaches private and small group classes. Bethany received her Doctor of Musical Arts from the University of Western Ontario. Her interdisciplinary research on voice image (click here to read it for free!) is about the psychology of being a singer and how singers relate to their voices.

When Bethany is not working, she likes to read, help at the local community theatre, and take her dog Penny for walks. This fall, She will be returning to school full-time for Master of Arts in Counselling Psychology while she continues to teach full-time. (Because sleep is for the weak, apparently.) 

IG: @bethanyturpinmusicstudio
FB: bethanyturpinmusicstudio