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Pedagogy for Whole Humans with Liz Jackson Hearns

183 | Voice Pedagogy for Whole Humans with Liz Jackson Hearns

May 26, 2023

Liz Jackson Hearns, the co-founder and owner of the Voice Lab in Chicago, talks about her journey and the changes to her business model that allowed her to create a voice studio that honoured both students and teachers. The mission of the Voice Lab is to “provide high-quality, personalized education for students, a fair and joyful working environment for staff, leadership, and training for teachers, and a place where community members can be accepted as themselves.” Liz also shares details about the upcoming “Pedagogy for Whole Humans” event from July 1st to 3rd.

About our guest:

Liz Jackson Hearns (she/her & they/them)
Master of Music from North Park University; Vocology from University of Utah and University of Iowa

Liz teaches fellow voice teachers who are eager to support their transgender and non-binary students through workshops, public speaking, training sessions, and online courses. Liz is the author of One Weird Trick: A User’s Guide to Transgender Voice and co-author of The Singing Teacher’s Guide to Transgender Voices.


The Voice Lab’s Mission

Our mission is to cultivate transformative relationships through voice and music education.

The core components of private lessons and workshops are not just technique and repertoire, but soul-healing and personal development through sound and song.

We value exceptional teaching and commitment to learning over credentials. We value honest expression over “correctness” and classical definitions of “proper” music making. We acknowledge power dynamics through agency-giving practices and grace to make mistakes. We value diversity and strive continually to create spaces that are of, by, and for our clients and team.

Voice Pedagogy for Whole Humans

Love your students (even more)!

You already know that voice work is a deeply personal and healing process, and bringing your best to your students motivates you to keep building your skills.

You also know that there is always more to learn, more to examine and explore. Deep understanding comes from asking hard questions and grappling with answers that shift our perspective. And it starts within you.

Let’s learn together to become better teachers, artists, and whole humans.

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