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18 | Updating Your Lesson Studio Policy

June 17, 2016

Private Teachers – How is your business running? Is it time to raise your rates? Maybe your fees are fine, but you’re stressed by frequent cancellations, annoying make-up lessons and a fluctuating income. Updating your teaching policy does not have to be stressful. In this podcast we discuss all the essential policy details  AND how to present your “new” policy so families will be excited for the upcoming year in voice lessons. 


Teacher Take-a-ways:

  • Why studio policies are important
  • Why you need to update your policy yearly
  • How to use effective language in your policy to make it crystal clear
  • The essential details that should be in every teaching studio policy
  • The unique guidelines that Voice Teachers need to put into their policies  
  • how and when to let your families know about changes to your policy.
  • How you can use technology to make it easier for people to do business with you. 

A special thank you to Wendy Stevens from composecreate.com for her FANTASTIC business solutions and downloadable guide.

FREE DOWNLOAD “The Complete Guide to an Effective Policy”  http://composecreate.com/policy-guide