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16 | How to Fire a Student

May 12, 2016

In this Podcast:

Breaking up is hard to do!  For Teachers working with young singers - You're not just firing a student, but the family as well. Although there is no guarantee that this awkward conversation will end well - there are professional guidelines that can help you "let them go" with grace and professionalism.


Teacher Take-a-ways

We share a lot of insight from our experienced colleagues in this episode, including some great teacher take-a-ways including:

  • The unforgivable reasons why a student/family needs to go.
  • important considerations to make before you "fire" the student
  • Why e-mail and texting can cause even more problems
  • strategies and best practices for having that "awkward" conversation
  • What to do if it does not go well
  • A great teacher tip that will help you avoid having this situation in the first place (it's a time saver too!)
  • What we can learn from these unfortunate situations

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