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150 | Warm-Ups, Monologues, Instagram Updates, and Breathing Challenges

November 19, 2021

FULL VOICE Podcast 150

In episode 150, Shannon Coates challenges teachers to rethink the warm-up part of a lesson. Voice and acting teacher Phyllis Horridge talks about preparing monologues. Social media expert Karen Michaels shares the new IG updates, and Vocologist Heather Nelson discusses teaching singers with breathing challenges.

Rethinking Vocal Pedagogy: Warm-Ups with Shannon Coates (4:40)

Do we need to warm up our voices at the beginning of a voice lesson? Shannon offers some interesting perspectives on what we “thought” was a necessary part of a vocal lesson.
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Preparing Monologues with Phyllis Horridge (18:47)

Voice and acting teacher Phyllis Horridge shares the six steps in preparing a monologue.
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Instagram Update with Karen Michaels (30:48)

Social media platforms are constantly changing. Fear not! Karen Michaels has all the information about the new changes so teachers can leverage the platform for their studios.
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Teaching Singers with Breathing Challenges with Dr. Heather Nelson ( 59:43)

Heather Nelson discusses teachers’ considerations when teaching breathing techniques to students with breathing challenges such as asthma, COPD, or long covid.
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