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148 | Partner Lessons, Debunking Myths in Voice Ped, NATS Opportunities, The Voice Culture Podcast

October 22, 2021

FULL VOICE Podcast Episode #148

In episode #148, Nikki talks about partner lessons both in-person and online. Shannon Coates is helping us debunk some of the long-standing myths in vocal pedagogy. Executive director of NATS, Allen Henderson outlines the upcoming opportunities within the NATS organization. Nikki shares a clip from her conversation with Brian Lee and Justin Petersen of The Voice Culture Podcast.

Partner Lessons with Nikki Loney (5:58)

Allowing your students to invite a friend into the lesson can make for fun, productive lessons. They can also help to welcome more students into your studio. Partner lessons online allow our singers to enjoy the company of others and practice active listening as well.

Hummy Hummingbirds https://www.thefullvoice.com/new-songs/hummingbirds

Busting the Myths in Voice Pedagogy with Shannon Coates (17:23)


NATS Opportunities and Deadlines with Allen Henderson (31:23)


The Voice Culture Podcast Episode #18 (1.02:54)

Justin Petersen and Brian Lee have a fabulous podcast for voice teachers. Please give it a listen.