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147 | Finding Your Authentic Voice, Small Group Vocal Classes

October 8, 2021

FULL VOICE Podcast Episode 147

In podcast 147, Popular Musics Specialist and creativity coach Jessica Baldwin talks about finding your authentic, artistic voice. Dana Lentini discusses the opportunities in offering beginner group vocal classes.

Finding Your Authentic Artistic Voice – Jessica Baldwin (2:08)

Jessica Baldwin is a popular musics voice specialist, creativity coach, and indie-soul singer-songwriter. After completing her master’s in classical vocal pedagogy and performance, she started her personal artistry walkabout after a teacher-led her to The Artist’s Way. She also devoured whatever she could find about CCM vocal pedagogy, attended her first CCM Institute in 2009, and was eventually appointed to the faculty of the Institute in 2016. While she still loves nerding out on vocal pedagogy and helping singers create the sounds they want, her true passion is in helping singer-artists connect to the why behind their sounds, songs, and style, walking alongside them as they find their own path to artistic authenticity.

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Small Group Classes with Dana Lentini (44:45)

As a voice teacher and pedagogue with expertise in developing teaching techniques for the young singer, Dana is an advocate for young singers. She is passionate about teaching prepubescent voices in the private studio. Dana is the founder of Born 2 Sing Kids, a voice program designed to meet the needs of children ages 5-13 in the development of beginning singing and performing techniques. Her new book, Teaching the Child Singer, can be found on

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