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142 | Keeping Students Engaged in Online Lessons,

May 7, 2021

In episode 142, Nikki talks about simple tweaks to your online lessons that can keep students singing and smiling. Karen Michaels shares an update for teachers using YouTube. Dr. Heather Nelson is sharing fun facts about the Uvula.

New Repertoire Spotlight: You and Me by Donna Rhodenizer and Andy Duinker

Keep Students Engaged in Online Learning (2:30)
Are your online students fading fast? Nikki shares simple tweaks to your lesson presentation to keep students smiling and singing. Links mentioned in this episode:



New Repertoire Spotlight (20:45)
”You and Me”
is a gentle and poignant look into the special relationship of best friends.

Ages: 12 and under
5 pages including full score (PVC), leadsheet, lyric sheet.
D4 to D5
Teaching Focus: Expressive singing, larger intervals, longer phrases


YouTube Update with Karen Michaels (23:11)

Social Media Expert Karen Michaels shares updates on the YouTube platform including YouTube shorts and using hashtags on your videos.You can find all of Karen’s resources here:



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The Uvula with Heather Nelson (34:57)

Dr. Heather Nelson shares information about the uvula
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