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141 | Teaching Harmony Singing, Messy Learning, Digital Libraries, The Epiglottis

April 21, 2021

In episode 141, Nikki shares teaching activities that build harmony singing skills. Shannon Coates is helping teachers understand the term messy learning and what progress can look like in voice lessons. Takenya Battle shares digital libraries for voice teachers. Heather Nelson talks about the epiglottis. 

New Repertoire spotlight: The Giraffe by Donna Rhodenizer

In episode 141


Teaching Harmony Skills with Nikki Loney (3:00)

Links mentioned in this segment:

Hummy Hummingbirds by Donna Rhodenizer
Four Seasons Harmony Studies by Glyn Lehmann
Brenda Earle Stokes Crash Course in Solfege interview (38:00)
Four Snow Friends by Donna Rhodenzier


New Repertoire Spotlight: The Giraffe by Donna Rhodenizer (27:45)

“The Giraffe” is a short and very sweet song about the gentle giraffe. (The song is short, the giraffe is tall.) This simple melody also offers musical exploration and sight-reading exercises.

Ages: 8 and under
Range: C4 to C5
Themes: Giraffe, animals, animal sounds, sunny days
Pages: 5, full score, leadsheet, lyrics
Teaching Focus: diction, singing steps, small intervals, and staccato notes.

Get your copy of this lovely song here:



Messy Learning with Dr. Shannon Coates (31:00)
Shannon shares how teachers can embrace the long and complex road to learning how to sing. Understanding messy learning can make us better teachers.

Shannon Coates teaches undergraduate vocal pedagogy in several universities and runs a successful private teaching studio. She is most passionate about sharing all aspects of the voice and singing and cultivating the art of teaching with professional teachers. 

Find and follow Shannon HERE: – Voice & the Art of Teaching
Instagram @voiceped


Takenya Battle Pic.jpg

Digital Libraries for Music Teachers with Takenya Battle (49:05)
Organizing your resources is fun and saves you time!

Takenya Battle is a master musician, teacher, and entrepreneur who helps children and adults arrange, articulate, and amplify their inner musician with online voice and piano lessons. She teaches music educators how to keep time with today’s technologies while still leveraging their traditional musical knowledge.  

Find and follow Takenya HERE: @kenyaskeys 
Sign up for Takenya’s Virtual Recitals Made Easy Guide here


heather Nelson.jpg

The Epiglottis with Dr. Heather Nelson (1:03:05)

About Dr. Heather Nelson
I love all the things about vocal science and pedagogy, and my favorite thing is taking all that nerdy goodness and breaking into digestible chunks that are not only fun and fascinating but actually make a difference in how voice teachers teach.
Find and follow Heather HERE: for email sign-ups