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140 | Celebrate Singing Summit, Online Collaborative Platforms, Body Awareness

April 9, 2021

In Podcast 140, Nancy Bos talks about the book Singing Thru the Change and the upcoming online global summit, Celebrate Singing. Technology expert Takenya Battle talks about helpful online collaboration platforms. Steve Ferrell shares strategies to help students with body awareness and helpful movement ideas.

In this podcast:

Celebrate Singing Summit with Nancy Bos (5:59)

Vocologist, Podcaster, Author Nancy Bos returns to the podcast to discuss the best-selling book: Singing Through the Change and the exciting global summit: Celebrate Singing for Women in Midlife and Beyond.



Takenya Battle Pic.jpg

Online Collaborative Platforms with Takenya Battle (28:49)

Technology expert Takenya Battle shares three exciting online platforms for music collaboration and how teachers can use them in exciting music lessons.

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Body Awareness and Movement with Steve Ferrell (40:48)

Yoga, movement and meditation teacher Steve Ferrell talks about helping students with body awareness and how allowing more movement in the lesson can have great benefits.