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139 | Blogging for your Business, The Vagus Nerve (Part 2), World Voice Weekend

March 26, 2021

In episode 139, Social Media Expert Karen Michaels shares strategies for teachers interested in blogging for your teaching business. Dr. Heather Nelson continues her conversation about the Vagus Nerve, and Christine Thomas O’Meally shares the exciting details about World Voice Weekend.

In this episode:


Blogging for Your Teaching Business with Karen Michaels (3:30)

Social media expert Karen Michaels shares her strategies and best practices for teachers interested in blogging.
Sign up for Karen’s Blogging Inspo class on Friday, April 16th, 2021

Links mentioned in this interview:

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The Vagus Nerve (Part 2) with Heather Nelson (24:05)

Dr. Heather Nelson shares more information about the vagus nerve (Part 2)
About Dr. Heather Nelson
I love all the things about vocal science and pedagogy, and my favorite thing is taking all that nerdy goodness and breaking into digestible chunks that are not only fun and fascinating but actually make a difference in how voice teachers teach.
Find and follow Heather HERE:
drheathernelson.com/pedagogy-list-landing-page for email sign-ups


World Voice Weekend with Christine Thomas- O’Meally (40:57)

Mezzo-soprano Christine Thomas-O’Meally shares her exciting two-day series of masterclasses, workshops, and concerts call World Voice Weekend on April 17th and 18th.
For more information and to sign up please visit: