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135 | Lifting Low-Energy Singers, Self Care for Teachers, Warm-Up of the Week, NATS Live Learning Centre

January 29, 2021

In 135, Dr. Shannon Coates shares three simple activities to lift low-energy students. Steve Farrell offers mindful strategies for self-care. Nikki shares a jazzy dominant seventh study (free download), and Allen Henderson talks about the NATS Live Learning Centre.

In this episode:

Shannon shares three simple activities for lifting the mood of low energy students.

Shannon Coates teaches undergraduate vocal pedagogy in several universities and runs a successful private teaching studio. She is most passionate about sharing all aspects of the voice and singing and cultivating the art of teaching with professional teachers. 

Shannon Coates – Voice & the Art of Teaching

Self Care for Teachers with Steve Ferrell (15:17)
Steve talks about holding space for others and practicing self-care.

Steve Ferrell is a Yoga Teacher, Movement Educator, Author, Meditation and Mindfulness Facilitator, Therapeutic Counsellor, Musician, Husband to one and Father of two, and all around funny guy. Steve works locally in the Hamilton area as well as nationally and internationally. No matter what setting he is working in, he blends every aspect of his background into a unique, mindful and playful experience.

Steve’s Book: Mindful Yoga-Based Acceptance Commitment Therapy

Warm-up of the WeekFreebie Friday Download (33:03)

Nikki shares a new jazzy study that assists singers in singing dominant seventh chords. Get your free download here:

Coming soon: Introductory Vocal Jazz Studies (May 2021)

NATS Live Learning Centre – Dr. Allen Henderson (44:20)
Executive Director of NATS talks about the Live Learning Center.