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134 | Dr Jenevora Williams, Understanding hashtags, Warm-up of the Week, Vocal Fry

January 15, 2021

In Episode #134, Author of ‘Teaching Singing to Children and Young Adults” Dr. Jenevora Williams shares her research, strategies, and online courses for working with growing voices. Social Media expert Karen Michaels talks about hashtags and how to use them effectively. Wendy Jones shares a messa di voce (with straw) vocal exercise, and Dr. Heather Nelson dispels the myths about vocal fry.

In this episode:


Teaching Singing to Children with Dr. Jenevora Williams (3:07)
In our podcast she talks about her research in children’s voices and offers strategies for helping students with pitch. She shares details about her new online courses available in 2021.

Dr Jenevora Williams is a passionate pedagogue and a leading exponent in the field of vocal health and singing teaching. She was the first singing teacher to be awarded a PhD in voice science in the UK, and won the 2010 BVA Van Lawrence Prize for her outstanding contribution to voice research.

You can find the links mentioned in the podcast here:
Vocal Health First Aid Course:
Jenevora’s Youtube channel:

#Hashtags with Karen Michaels (34.35)

Social Media expert, Karen Michaels (Social Media Butterfly Group) explains the function of hashtags and how to use them effectively in the different social media platforms. You can find all of Karen’s resources here:



Warm-Up of the Week with Wendy Jones (46:10)
Wendy Jones shares a messa di voce and straw exercise for warm-up of the week.

Wendy Jones resides in the Asheville area and runs her private voice studio: One World Voice Studio. She also serves on the faculty of Western Carolina University, where she teaches Contemporary and Commercial Voice and the faculty Brevard College where she teaches voice and directs the opera workshop. Wendy is an active member of NATS and is also a member of the Speakeasy Cooperative, PAVA, the National Association of Recording Arts and Sciences, the Jazz Educator’s Network, and the Association for Popular Music Education. https://www.wljonesoneworldvoice.com/


Understanding Vocal Fry with Dr. Heather Nelson (49:58)
Vocologist Heather Nelson talks about the misunderstandings of vocal fry and how it can be used as a tool in the study of voice.