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132 | Changing Male Voice, OperaWorks Flashcards, Money Terms,

December 4, 2020

In podcast 132, Brian Lee shares helpful mindset, pedagogy, and repertoire for changing male voices. Eden Casteel shares the fun of OperaWorks emotion flashcards, and Michelle Markwart Deveaux clarifies money term definitions.


In episode #132


Strategies for Changing Male Voice with Brian Lee (9:07)
D. Brian Lee is a teacher, writer, and singer. His book, Sane Singing: A Guide to Vocal Progress (2018), has been enthusiastically reviewed as a philosophy of voice study, with practical advice on finding and evaluating voice training. He maintains independent voice studios in Potomac, Maryland, and New York City. His students can be heard on Broadway, and in opera, theatre, and national television.

You can find Brian’s website here: https://vocalability.com
Other links mentioned in this interview:
Boys’ voice change: https://vocalability.com/tag/boys/
The book Sane Singing: A Guide to Vocal Progress https://sanesinging.com/



Ann Baltz’s OperaWorks(TM) Emotion cards – with Eden Casteel (41:04)
Returning guest Eden Casteel shares the fun and pedagogy when using the OperaWorks attitude cards.



Money Term Definitions with Michelle Markwart Deveaux (46:15)
(Part Five) Business expert Michelle Markwart Deveaux clarifies the business/money terms in your teaching business.
Link for SpeakEasy Co-op (A Voice Teacher mastermind/co-learning group) www.thespeakeasycoop.com
Link for Michelle’s site www.faithculturekiss.com

Financial books/podcasts mentioned in this episode:
You are a badass at Making Money https://jensincero.com/shop/