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131 | Online Teaching Strategies, The TA muscle, #fightthefatigue Campaign, and Business Planning

November 20, 2020

In episode 131, Nikki demonstrates her kid-friendly online teaching strategies and shares the NATS #fightthefatigue campaign. Dr. Heather Nelson gives us a refresher on the TA muscle. Business expert Michelle Markwart Deveaux talks about quarterly business planning for successful studios. Online teaching pedagogy, anatomy, resources, and business basics right here on the FULL VOICE Podcast.

Episode #131



Online Teaching Strategies (4:49)
Nikki shares her kid-approved online singing activities for private and small group classes.
For detailed lesson plans and activity pages, visit our teacher blog:


Warm-up of the Week:
It’s FREEBIE Friday! Check out our free resources page for a new warm-up song “Hot Chocolate”


heather Nelson.jpg

The Thyroarytenoid Muscle with Dr. Heather Nelson (29:15)

Dr. Heather Nelson gives a brief introduction/refresher segment about the thyroarytenoid muscle.
You can find Heather Nelson at drheathernelson.com
IG @drheathernelson



NATS #fightthefatigue Campaign (40:54)

During this unprecedented time NATS and the NATS community have sprung into action to provide a comprehensive list of resources to help the singing community adapt to the new realities facing our industry.



(Part 4) Business planning with Michelle Markwart Deveaux (42:04)
Business expert Michelle Markwart Deveaux shares the importance of quarterly and yearly business planning.

Link for SpeakEasy Co-op (A Voice Teacher mastermind/co-learning group) www.thespeakeasycoop.com
Link for Michelle’s site www.faithculturekiss.com