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130 | Live Virtual Recitals, Graphic and Copy Guidelines for Social Media Posts, The Cricothyroid Muscle, Creating and Defining your Studio Offers

November 5, 2020

Studio owner Jessica Saunders shares details about her successful LIVE virtual recitals. Social Media Expert Karen Michaels is helping us with graphic and copy guidelines for our social media posting. Vocologist Heather Nelson discusses the cricothyroid muscle, and our Business Expert Michelle Markwart Deveaux is discussing how to market your studio offerings. Pedagogy and business strategies for you and your voice teaching studio, right here on episode 130 of the FULL VOICE Podcast.

Episode 130

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Live Virtual Recitals with Dr. Jessica Saunders (2:00)
Jessica Saunders is the owner of Saunders Vocal Studios a private voice studio based in Iowa where her studio motto is “Building Confidence One Note at a Time!”. She also serves as an adjunct professor of voice at Kirkwood Community College. Jessica has been teaching for 7 years and works with students ages 8 to adult. She is passionate about working with young singers because she was in voice lessons at the age of seven and believes that children make amazing voice students, she just wished The Full Voice workbooks had been around when she was a child. Jessica is a member of NATS and currently serves as the Central Region Audition Coordinator Co-Chair; she is also a member of the Speakeasy Cooperative.

Warm-Up of the Week: Falling Leaves Legato Study
Benefits of Virtual Lessons Download



Social Media best practices with Graphics and Copy with Karen Michaels – (26:05)

Social media expert Karen Michaels discusses best practices for using graphics and copy on your Facebook, IG, and LinkedIn posts.

Links mentioned in this episode:

Canva.com https://www.canva.com/
Word Swag http://wordswag.co/
Lumyer app https://apps.apple.com/us/app/lumyer-photo-animator-editor/id949876643
Bazaart Photo Editor https://apps.apple.com/us/app/bazaart-photo-editor-design/id515094775


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The Cricothyroid Muscle – Dr. Heather Nelson (36:35)

Vocologist Dr. Heather Nelson gives an overview of the cricothyroid muscle. You can find Heather Nelson at drheathernelson.com
IG @drheathernelson The Cricothyroid Muscle



Defining Your Voice Studio Offers (part three) – With Michelle Markwart Deveaux (42:30)

Lessons, workshops, audition prep, and small group classes are just some of the offerings a teacher may consider as part of their business services. Michelle continues this mini-series by discussing how to develop, package, and market your studio offerings.

Link for SpeakEasy Coop (A Voice Teacher mastermind/co-learning group) www.thespeakeasycoop.com

Link for Michelle’s site www.faithculturekiss.com