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13 | Attracting your “Dream Students”

March 18, 2016


This podcast is all about marketing your awesome self and how to communicate your teaching talents to your community, colleagues and potential students. It does not have to be awkward! We talk about the 3 simple steps music teachers can take to find their “dream students”. 





3 simple steps to attracting your “Dream Students”

Know your strengths and most importantly the qualities that make you – well, YOU. What is it in your teaching approach that makes you different from your colleagues? 

Who do you best serve? What demographic of students do you enjoy working with? Which students stay with you the longest? (Which students make you SMILE) They are your “People” (Tribe). 

Once you identify your “niche market” then you have to get to work! Clearly communicating your teaching passion to friends, colleagues, current students and those looking for a teacher is essential. It DOES NOT have to be awkward. This podcast includes a simple list of actionable steps to get your passionate message out there – and some free resources to help you along the way. Do this right and you will never see another “mortgage student” ever again.

Mortgage student: A student you don’t enjoy teaching – but you have to because you need the money. 

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