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129 | Virtual Recitals, NATS Intern Program

October 22, 2020

Episode 129 is all about VIRTUAL RECITALS. Our tech expert, Takenya Battle, breaks down the FIVE details we need to consider when hosting a virtual recital. (5:00) Nikki shares experiences in streaming self-tape videos on a Facebook Watch Party and using a zoom to share recorded videos. (11:50) Executive Director Allen Henderson sharing details about the NATS Intern program. (27:25) Voice teacher Aimee woods shares her experience streaming content on YouTube. (38:45) This episode offers fantastic teacher takeaways, essential best practices that you MUST abide by, and timely advice so you can avoid online disasters and celebrate your singing students.

Episode #129

Takenya Battle Pic.jpg

Virtual Recital Overview – Takenya Battle (5:00)

Takenya Battle is a master musician, teacher, and entrepreneur who helps children and adults arrange, articulate, and amplify their inner musician with online voice and piano lessons. She teaches music educators how to keep time with today’s technologies while still leveraging their traditional musical knowledge.  

Find her at @kenyaskeys 
Sign up for Takenya’s Virtual Recitals Made Easy Guide here

Self-Tape Recitals (11:49)

Lights, camera, action? Self-tape recordings are now a thing, and they will be a thing for the foreseeable future. Nikki shares her experience helping students with self-tape submission and how her students leveled up in work ethic and ability. A Facebook watch party recital is an option for sharing your recital; however, there are essential guidelines for sharing copyrighted music.

Facebook copyright FAQ



NATS Intern Program with Allen Henderson (27:25)

The NATS Intern Program is an exceptional training experience that seeks to pair expert and recognized master teachers with talented early career members of NATS. Within an intensive format designed to promote the dynamic exchange of ideas and techniques, the goal is to improve substantially the studio teaching skills of voice interns and the coaching skills of collaborative piano interns.
Deadline for submission: Dec 15th 2020.

NATS Intern Program Submissions:


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Streaming on YouTube with Aimee Woods (38:45)

Aimee became director of Magnolia Music Studio Northern Colorado in 2017 and brings a wealth of teaching and performing experience, almost 20 years of teaching, performing, and directing. Aimee offers educational clinics and masterclasses and is Vice President of the Colorado/Wyoming Chapter of the National Association of Teachers of Singing. She has performed professional opera and music theater along the Colorado front range and is Music Director of Fort Collins Children’s Theatre in Fort Collins, CO. Aimee teaches all ages and styles including classical and contemporary vocal styles.

recommended link for setting up your zoom stream.