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126 | Teaching the Child Singer, Better Lesson Pacing, Studio Technology, Less Talking, More Singing.

September 10, 2020

Episode 126

Soprano, voice teacher and author Dana Lentini shares her new book: Teaching the Child Singer. Vocologist, Dr. Heather Nelson discusses neuroscience and how we can apply this knowledge to better lesson pacing Music teacher and tech expert Takenya Battle outlines how teachers can rock their online studio technology (without spending money). Dr. Shannon Coates inspires teachers to talk less and let our students sing more (1:02:00)

About this episode:


Teaching the Child Singer – Dana Lentini (3:24)

As a voice teacher and pedagogue with expertise in developing teaching techniques for the young singer, Dana is an advocate for young singers. She is passionate about teaching prepubescent voices in the private studio.

Dana is the founder of Born 2 Sing Kids, a voice program designed to meet the needs of children ages 5-13 in the development of beginning singing and performing techniques. Her new book, Teaching the Child Singer, can be found on 

Amazon and Sheet Music Plus

You can find Dana here:


Neuroscience and Lesson Pacing – Dr. Heather Nelson (29:17)

Vocologist, Dr. Heather Nelson is unpacking some neuroscience and helping us to understand how we can apply this knowledge in our teaching studios and classrooms for effective lesson pacing. You can find Heather Nelson at



Meet our Studio Technology Expert – Takenya Battle (39:10)

Takenya Battle is a master musician, teacher, and entrepreneur who helps children and adults arrange, articulate, and amplify their inner musician with online voice and piano lessons. She teaches music educators how to keep time with today’s technologies while still leveraging their traditional musical knowledge.  

Find her at @kenyaskeys 



Talk Less – Sing More – Dr. Shannon Coates (1:02:00)

Shannon Coates teaches undergraduate vocal pedagogy in several universities and runs a successful private teaching studio. She is most passionate about sharing all aspects of the voice and singing and cultivating the art of teaching with professional teachers. 

Join her mailing list for 10% savings on courses (such as The Vocal Instrument 101) and classes (such as Formant-Free Pedagogy).

Mailing list link and product links all on her website: