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122 | Voice Care for Transgender Singers: Interview with Liz Jackson Hearns

May 25, 2020

Our special guest, Liz Jackson Hearns is a voice instructor and author specializing in transgender voice. Liz shares her passion for creating a “gender affirming voice studio”.

“Voice is such an integral expression of our identity. I am passionate about offering ways for people to explore and develop gender expression through voice that helps them feel confident and anchored. More and more folks, especially young people, are feeling safe to come out as trans or non-binary and as voice teachers, we have a wonderful opportunity to provide knowledgeable and affirming voice care.”

WEBSITE For more information about Liz and The Voice Lab, please visit:

For more information about Liz Jackson Hearns’ books, One Weird Trick and the Singing Teacher’s Guide to Transgender Voices please visit:

June 2020 Liz is part of the NATS Virtual Conference and will be presenting: Feminization and Masculinization of Singing Voices: Practical Tools to Shift Gender Perception.

To register for NATS Virtual 2020, please visit here:

About our guest


 Liz Jackson Hearns, MM (she/her/they/them), is the owner of The Voice Lab, Inc. in Chicago; Co-Founder of Resonate, Chicago’s all-transgender chorus; and a voice instructor specializing in transgender voice. Singers and voice users from all environments seek out Liz’s teaching to illuminate traditional pedagogy with new scientific discoveries and methods in a joyful and creative atmosphere. Liz has been working with transgender and gender nonconforming clients since 2014, helping develop a natural, authentic voice. She also trains fellow voice teachers in cultural and pedagogical competency to work with transgender and gender-nonconforming voice clients.

One Weird Trick: Training for Teachers