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11 | Online Tools for Music Teachers

February 23, 2016

Podcast Overview: There are many great web-based programs and services that can save busy, creative, self-employed music teachers time and money. Here are a few websites that I use every day to run my teaching studio.


1. My Music Staff www.mymusicstaff.com FREE TRIAL for 30 days/$12.95 a month.

Overview: An outstanding “all-in-one” web-based music teacher platform that includes scheduling, invoicing, website design – everything! Teach More – Stress Less. Yes Please! 

2. Canva.com www.canva.com FREE to Use. Purchase photos or artwork for $1.

Overview: A simple online graphics tool for designing stunning graphics. Easy to use. Perfect for your social media posts, ebooks, recital programs, invitations etc. Canva has an tablet app so you can design on your tablet. (In bed, in your pj’s)

3. Pinterest.com FREE

Many of us use pinterest for recipes and home renos – but Pinterest is a great place to connect with other inspired teachers and organize all your teaching resources. (Check out the FULL VOICE Pinterest boards for Music Teaching!) 

4. Dropbox www.dropbox.com 2 Gigs of memory for FREE (more free storage available) 

Overview: Are you sharing files with students? This is a cloud-based storage program that allows you to access important documents from any device. Perfect for quickly sharing music files with students in your lessons. Also fantastic for collaborating on large documents with others. 

5. PagePlus (Serif) FREE starter program  (At time of podcast)  Page Plus 9 is $119

Overview: This is a desktop publishing program that allows you to design and publish professional documents. Perfect for creative teachers who are designing their own products or resources. (We created the FULL VOICE Workbooks, all our Freebie Friday printables and our 70 page Teacher eGuide using this program.)