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108 | Spotlight on Multi-Teacher Studios: Interview with Cynthia Vaughn of Magnolia Music Studios

December 27, 2019

Teaching artist, author, and presenter, Cynthia Vaughn shares her transition from academia to founding her highly successful Magnolia Music Studio. Through her extensive entrepreneurial journey, she has discovered the importance of hiring the right teachers and discusses why this is crucial for the success of any teaching studio.

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About our Guest:

Cynthia Vaughn is the Founder and Director of Magnolia Music Studio-RiverWalk in Richland Washington, a spin-off of the studio she originally founded on Magnolia Street in Fort Collins, Colorado, in 2008. During her 40 years as an artist/teacher, Cynthia has relocated across the country, starting nine independent voice studios and teaching at two universities. She has compassion and a joy for teaching that encompasses singers at all levels and ages. Her voice students include high school and college students, professional singers and actors, music educators, singer/songwriters, retirees, church, and community singers. Cynthia is widely respected as a teacher, performer, presenter, and author. She and Meribeth Dayme, Ph.D. co-authored “The Singing Book, a leading voice class college textbook and song anthology, and Cynthia is currently the “Independent Voices” editor for Internos, the member newsletter for National Association of Teachers of Singing. Cynthia believes that “helping someone find or rediscover their authentic voice is the most rewarding thing I can imagine. Singing is not just for a few elite superstars. Singing is for everyone, and the love of singing can last a lifetime!”