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107 | Inclusion in the Music Lesson Studio: Interview with Dianna Swenson

December 20, 2019

Dianna Swenson is well known in our industry for her advocacy and expertise in working with students of all abilities. Her successful home studio is called Vocal Inclusion, and in this interview, she shares her teaching strategies, resources, and her students’ success stories.

My Music Staff Minute: Never ending professional development for teachers.

Warm-Up of the Week: Humming/lip bubble along to your favorite song!

Links mentioned in this podcast:

Dianna’s Website

Just Songs Warm-Up for Kids by Susan Anders

About our guest

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Dianna Swenson, who is a daughter of God first, wife, mother of two, and owner of Vocal Inclusion, received her bachelor’s degree in music education with vocal performance numbering from Old Dominion University. She has performed on numerous stages, sings on her praise team at church and leads two small choirs from her home business, as well as teaching approximately 50 students of all abilities, that range from ages 6 to 40, several of which have had leads in local shows. The passion she has for inclusion of those with differing abilities began with her oldest child, who has cerebral palsy and is non-verbal. Her neuro-typical daughter also performs in the arts. Through these merging relationships, she has discovered how music reaches all abilities and provides a catalyst for confidence.

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Since 2003, Dianna has done work with people with disabilities in many forums. Dianna is well-known as a purposeful advocate for inclusion in the arts, especially music and theatre. She continues to believe that community is for all the people, and therefore all the people should be encouraged to express themselves through the arts.