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103 | Step Away From the Piano: Unaccompanied singing activities

November 22, 2019

How much are you relying on the piano to teach voice? Do you play every note of every exercise your students sing? Are you sitting at the piano bench for the entire vocal lesson?

This podcast is about honoring the unique challenges of the human voice and sharing simple, effective singing activities that can help our students develop confident, independent singing skills and confidence in their voices!

My Music Staff Minute: Keeping great lesson notes

Links mentioned in this episode:

Sane Singing by Brian Lee

The Human Nature of the Singing Voice - Peter T. Harrison

First We Sing, by Susan Brumfield. (Kodaly inspired singing resources for the classroom) There are many levels available and a very helpful teacher guide.

100 Little Songs and Rhymes by Susan Brumfield

Kodály Links

2020 Kodály Training at Western University, London, Ontario, Canada https://music.uwo.ca/outreach/music-education/kodaly-certification-program.html

Organization of American Kodály Educators https://www.oake.org/

Kodály Society of Canada https://www.kodalysocietyofcanada.ca/

Kodály Australia https://kodaly.org.au/

Free Tonic sol-fa wall cards and flashcards for your teaching studio or classroom https://www.thefullvoice.com/free-resources/flashcards

Vocal exploration activity: Singing Spaceships (exploring lip and tongue trills)


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