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102 | Practicing Challenges and Strategies

November 15, 2019

The forever challenge of getting students to practice is universal. Fear not! There are simple strategies and tools we can use to help inspire students (and families) to enjoy singing activities at home.

My Music Staff Minute: Connecting with your families

Links mentioned in this podcast:

The 2020/21 Private Music Teacher Planner and Agenda NOW available on Amazon. 200 pages of Private Teacher Planning bliss! https://www.amazon.com/Private-Music-Teacher-Planner-Agenda/dp/1897539274

Nancy Bos Singer’s Practice Planner, Log and Journals – Perfect for older students and adults

Super-Cute Singing Lesson Practice Planner and Journal (Three cute animal themes for your young students!) https://www.amazon.com/Singing-Lesson-Practice-Planner-Journal/dp/1897539258

Free practice templates by Wendy Stevens at composecreate.com

Check out our free resources page for more fun achievement pages, lyric discovery sheets, active listening sheets and MORE! https://www.thefullvoice.com/freeresources