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100 | Podcast Recap and FREEBIE FRIDAY

November 1, 2019

Episode 100 recaps some of the fantastic conversations from the seasons one, two, and three, celebrating the incredible guests who have shared their expertise on our podcast.


It is FREEBIE FRIDAY at Full Voice Music, and our new download is a seasonal singing activity from our new book, O Christmas Tree

We are exploring beat, rhythm, and introducing rhythmic improvisation with the holiday classic: Jingle Bells.

You can download your copy of our FREEBIE FRIDAY at www.thefullvoice.com/freeresources

Podcasts mentioned in the episode

FVPC #8 Repertoire Recommendations with Anne Barnshaw

FVPC #19 Strategies for Students Struggling with Stillness with Shannon Coates

FVPC #37 The Young Singing Larynx with Dana Lentini

FVPC #43 Movement in the Voice Lesson: Interview with Christin Coffee Rondeau

FVPC #85 Mindful Instruction: Interview with Steve Ferrell

FVPC #89 Money Mindset: Interview with Michelle Markwart Deveaux