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151 | Coaching Contemporary Artists, “Lazy Students”, Crafting your I AM Statement, Improving Instructional Cues

December 3, 2021

FULL VOICE Podcast Episode 151

In Episode 151, Jessica Baldwin returns to discuss the 5 Most Surprising Things About Popular Music for teachers new to the genre. Shannon Coates challenges us to rethink our approach with the students who are not practicing. Takenya Battle discusses the I AM statement to help teachers define their marketing messages, and Yoga and Meditation teacher Steve Farrell helps us understand why some students may not be following our instructional cues.

5 Surprising things about popular music (for classical teachers) – Jessica Baldwin (1:08)

Music played in the intro: Alarm Call by Jessica Baldwin
Contemporary Voice Specialist, creativity coach, and indie singer-songwriter, Jessica explains the prominent (and often surprising) differences in popular music and in coaching an artist to discover their unique path. Visit her website for more information about her upcoming course: Artist Coaching for Teachers

“Lazy Students” with Shannon Coates (25:38)

Dr. Shannon Coates challenges teachers to understand that there is no such thing as a “lazy” student. Discovering the students’ motivations can go a long way in helping the student connect with your instruction and inspiring practice effort.
Find and follow Shannon:

The I AM statement with Takenya Battle (47:01)

Voice and multi-instrumental teacher Takenya Battle talks about the importance of crafting your own I AM statement as part of their marketing efforts.
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IG @kenyaskeys

Improving Instructional Cues with Steve Ferrell (59:54)

Yoga and meditation coach, Steve Ferrell, helps us understand why some students struggle with our instructional language and what teachers can do to improve their verbal cues and instructions.
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IG @SteveFerrellYoga