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Voice Growth and Change in Kids and Teens

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Voice Growth and Change in Kids and Teens

Dr. Jenevora Williams offers a concise and inspiring look at vocal development from infancy to early adulthood. Dr. Williams shares her extensive research and best practices for voice teachers working with young singers.

In this 90-minute workshop, voice teachers will gain the confidence to identify the nuances of voice change and provide age-appropriate technical study and support. Through detailed guidance and practical strategies, participants will learn to address the unique needs of young voices throughout all stages of growth, ensuring healthy and effective vocal development.

  • Thank you, Dr. Williams! This workshop was invaluable in providing practical and applicable information about infant, child, and adolescent voices. Thank you for synthesizing this information in a practical, digestible way and normalizing the emotional components of child/adolescent singers alongside the physical changes they'll be experiencing. I would recommend this workshop to anyone who works with young singers!

How this course works

This course includes three 30-minute lesson videos focusing on the growing and changing voice. A seven-page PDF accompanies this course for easy note-taking and review. Each lesson provides valuable insights, supplemented with helpful audio recordings of voices at various stages of development.

A short quiz is available at the end of the course, and teachers who demonstrate confidence in the material will receive a certificate of completion. Teachers have access to this course for 60 days.

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How this course will transform your teaching

Is this course right for me?

Teachers who wish to confidently support their young students’ voices throughout all stages of growth, this course is for you.

✔️ Identify the nuances of voice change

✔️ Age-appropriate technical study

✔️ Detailed guidance

✔️ Practical strategies

How about a preview?

Here is an excerpt from Lesson One: Infant Larynx vs Adult Larynx.

Meet your teacher

Dr. Jenevora Williams

Dr. Jenevora Williams is a passionate expert in vocal health and singing pedagogy, with pioneering research focused on young singers. Known for her engaging and warm teaching style, she has inspired teachers and singers globally. Dr. Williams co-founded Vocal Health Education, offering accredited vocal health and rehabilitation training. Her acclaimed book, “Teaching Singing to Children and Young Adults,” and numerous publications underscore her commitment to advancing the field and supporting young voices. Teaching Singing to Children and Young Adults – 3rd Edition will be released late 2024