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47 | More Than Changing Voices: Interview with Patti Barrow

July 26, 2018

Voice Teachers are very aware of the voice changes in our adolescent singers, but our young men are dealing with many other challenges. My special guest, Patti Barrow discusses the emotional and psychological changes that our young men struggle with and how we can best support them during this vulnerable time. Patti also shares a BIG list of recommended repertoire for changing voices

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About our Guest:

Patti Barrow is an independent voice teacher from Herriman Utah. She has been working with singers of all ages for almost 30 years. She degrees in Vocal Pedagogy and Music Education (K-12) and she has continued advanced studies in vocal injury rehabilitation, performance psychology, and Children’s Voices.  Patti is an active member of several professional associations including  NATS, VASTA and the Speakeasy Cooperative. This interview was recorded at the NATS convention in Las Vegas in June 2018.

Visit Patti’s website:


Resources Mentioned in this Podcast:

Recommended Books on Voice Change: 
Working with Adolescent Voice – John Cooksey (1992)

Finding Ophelia’s Voice, Opening Ophelia’s Heart: Nurturing the Adolescent Female Voice: An Exploration of the Physiological, Psychological, and Musical Developments of Female Students – Lynne Gackle (2011)

Teaching Singing to Children and Young Adults – Jenevorah Williams (2012/2018)

Repertoire Recommendations:

Nate Plummer’s Kids Musical Theatre Guide

Recommended Songbooks:

Hal Leonard
American Folk Songs and Spirituals: 75 songs of America Heritage
Art Songs for Children
Easy Songs for beginning Tenor and Bass
Christmas Solos for Kids
Folk Songs for Singers
25 Folk Songs for Children
The Boy’s Changing Voice: 20 Vocal Solos

Alfreds Music
Vocalize – Andy Beck

Brilee Music
Tales of Land and Sea
Heroes and Vagabonds