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133 | Creating a Safe Space, Singer-Friendly Online Courses, Continuing Professional Development Opportunities, The Voice Culture Podcast

December 18, 2020

Returning guest Steve Farrell (yoga, meditation, therapeutic counselor) shares strategies for creating “safe” spaces for our students online and in-person. Brenda Earle Stokes talks about her online courses in piano and solfege. Shannon Coates shares exciting ways you can continue your professional vocal pedagogy learning. Discover a fantastic new podcast for voice teachers – The Voice Culture Podcast.

In this episode:


Creating Supported Spaces for Learning with Steve Ferrell (3:00)

Steve Ferrell is a Yoga Teacher, Movement Educator, Author, Meditation and Mindfulness Facilitator, Therapeutic Counsellor, Musician, Husband to one and Father of two, and all around funny guy. Steve works locally in the Hamilton area as well as nationally and internationally. No matter what setting he is working in, he blends every aspect of his background into a unique, mindful and playful experience.

Steve’s Book: Mindful Yoga Based Acceptance Commitment Therapy



Singer-Friendly Online Courses with Brenda Earle Stokes (38:50)
Brenda Earle Stokes is a pianist, vocalist, composer, and educator based in New York City. An in-demand performer, Stokes is also the owner and creator of Piano Skills for Singers – a series of online piano courses with hundreds of students worldwide. A classically trained pianist, Stokes completed her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in jazz piano at York University in Toronto and her Master’s degree in jazz piano at Manhattan School of Music. Brenda’s passion is for encouraging musicians from all backgrounds to find their true voice in music.

Find Brenda here:
Online Courses:



Continuing your Professional Development with Shannon Coates (1:01:25)

Shannon Coates teaches undergraduate vocal pedagogy in several universities and runs a successful private teaching studio. She is most passionate about sharing all aspects of the voice and singing and cultivating the art of teaching with professional teachers. 

Join her mailing list for 10% savings on courses (such as The Vocal Instrument 101) and classes (such as Formant-Free Pedagogy).

Mailing list link and product links all on her website:


The Voice Culture Podcast.jpg

The Voice Culture Podcast with Brian Lee (1:17:25)

Join voice teachers and pedagogues Brian Lee and Justin Petersen as they traverse the rich historical legacy of voice training from the greatest minds and teachers of the art, as well as application for the modern teacher and singer of voice. Each episode features lively conversation, fascinating historical insights, and practical application for today’s singer.

The Voice Culture Podcast: