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Music Teacher Tool Box - 4 Great Websites that you will just LOVE!

August 29, 2015

Hi Voice Teachers! 
I sincerely hope you had a great summer! (I got married August 7th! ) Although there is a teeny bit of summer left - both my husband (also a private music teacher) and I have started getting ready for the busy fall season. I am excited to get back to teaching.

FULL VOICE MUSIC is about sharing resources - so here are the top four "tools" that I (WE) use almost every day for my(OUR) teaching studios. 

BTW -  I am not affiliated with these companies - but seriously - I don't know what I would do without them! Some are free - some have minimal cost, but they are worth every cent! Check out the links below...AND learn how you can win a copy of the 2015/2016 Private Music Teacher Agenda and Planner.


3. If you thought Pinterest was just for recipes and home renovations - think again. Music Teachers share Pinterest "boards" about everything from music resources, music products, educational resources, music games...
psst...connect with us. We share great vocal resources!


4. Canva.com - A FREE online graphics creator. You only have to pay if you wish to use their pictures - but they have so many free images! Create beautiful, professional documents, posters, advertisements quickly and easily!
I love this website! 


What do you recommend?

What other services do you find useful for your teaching studio? Comment below and you could win a copy of the 2015/2016 Private Music Teacher Agenda and Planner!