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Music Teacher Marketing 101

September 30, 2014

To thrive in business you must be seen. You must be heard. People need to be talking about you. It has to be easy to find you. This is really challenging for private music teachers who are confined to teaching studios seeing students one at a time. It is extremely challenging when “phantom” parents (our employers), don’t show up to lessons to really get to know us, or see what amazing things we do with their children.


If you have something great but do not communicate it,
you will not succeed.

Self promotion is difficult for most people. No one likes to be an obnoxious braggart (Well, most of us anyway). So how do you effectively communicate how awesome you and your services are?

Tip: Start by telling people what you LOVE about your job. Nothing speaks louder than sincere enthusiasm. Share your passion for teaching on your Facebook page. Colleagues, friends and family need to know that you love what you are doing. They will immediately think of you when someone is inquiring about a singing teacher.  
For your current families: Be passionate and excited about the upcoming year of teaching. Tell families how GREAT the recital is going to be. Let them know that your studio has a lot of opportunities for their child and that you’re excited!
Example: When people ask me what I do for a living, I avoid saying:
“I am a registered Music Teacher. I teach singing and theory." (snore)

Instead I try to say something like:
"I am very lucky. I get to sing all day with great kids. I am a private voice teacher and I work with children of all ages. I have busy teaching studios in Hamilton and Burlington."

Truth Bomb: Most families do not care who you studied with or how many degrees you have or how talented you may be. Leave that out of your elevator pitch. Don’t tell them what you have done. Tell them what you can do for them. This is incredibly important if you have a teaching website. Your home page of your teaching website should not be your bio page.

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