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Finding AWESOME Songs for Young Singers

January 7, 2016

Here at the FULL VOICE office. We get a lot of emails and phone calls. (We love hearing from teachers - so this is not a complaint!) Sometimes it's inquiries about the workbooks or questions about our resources. We are always happy to help! The most popular questions however - are about repertoire. What songs would you recommend for young singers?

I'm reaching out to you - What songs do you and your students enjoy? Have you discovered any new songs that are a hit in your teaching studio? Well then share it below!!! AND SHARE THIS Blog with your colleagues! 

In the comments below, Please list a song or two that you have had great success with your young singers. Please include as much information as possible including: 

  • Title / composer
  • genre
  • publisher
  • age of singer you think this is appropriate for
  • any other information you may think would be helpful for other teachers! 

All genres of music are welcome and encouraged. I am looking forward to having new ideas for my singers! So don't be shy - start sharing below! 

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