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Engaging Online Lessons: Using screen share and annotate features in your voice lessons.

August 14, 2020


Teaching online offers as many opportunities as it does challenges. My lesson studio remains online for the foreseeable future, so my commitment to a fantastic online lesson experience has not wavered. Yes, I dearly miss the in-person experience. However, my students and I are having fun. (And staying safe.) Parents are more than pleased with the service I am providing.

Using the Share Screen function in my zoom lessons has been a hit with students all ages. There are so many uses here!

Workbook Activities
Assist your students as they work through their FV Workbooks. Highlight the activity and help them if needed.


Music Reading/Sight Singing
Did they sight sing correctly? Use the stamp feature to give virtual check marks to mark their work or bring attention to a difficult passage or phrase.


You can help students with vocal exploration activities and vocal warm-ups making them visual.

Check out this Facebook Live all about SOVT exercises (and spaceships) using the annotate feature.


Singing Spaceships
is FREE and you can find it HERE!

To Print
Many of our resources are digital downloads in pdf format.
You can print pages from these files and share hard copies with your students if you wish. (I print pages from Vocal Studies for Kids for my vocal class, and I provide them with copies of the music they are singing from our selection of Single Song Downloads.) My student will have printed resources dropped off or mailed to them for the new singing season. Occasionally, your students need to have the hard copy.

Or NOT to Print
I Share Screen and annotate pages from Sight Singing Superhero and Vocal Warm-Ups and Technical Exercises for Kids. These are teacher resources to enhance your lessons.

Did you know?
FULL VOICE Workbooks are NOT available as digital downloads. Students need to have their own book. However, they are VIEWABLE and screen shareable as Kindle ebooks. (You do NOT have to have a kindle reader, only the free Kindle app which can be used on any device for screen sharing) I screen share the page they are working on while students complete the work in their copy of the workbook.

If you have any fun screen sharing activities you would like to share – please do so below.

Keep well and happy screen sharing!

~ Nikki