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June 12, 2014

In Private Music Lessons – the curriculum pacing should be catered to the individual. This seems quite simple and somewhat obvious; however, many private teachers are pressured in keeping the “September to June” timeline of teaching. Why do we let these invisible timeline restrictions creep into our studios?

   1. Habit. We get into a routine for no good reason.
   2. We measure our ability as a teacher by how quickly our student progresses.
(This is not fair to you or your students.)
   3. Parents insist that students participate in exams or move up (or skip) a level, even when they are clearly not ready to. (Pushy parents are a drag. Stand your ground)
   4. Students take the summer off so we feel we have to close the year by completing and moving into a new level of study. (Summer lessons are fun – why stop in June?)
   5. We get sucked into the crazy frenzy of those around us and we are just trying to keep up. 
(I think we call it “life”)

In the private music studio we have a small window of time with each student but we don’t have to pack a month’s worth of teaching into it.  A teacher’s ability is not measured by how quickly a student progresses.  Take a moment and remember that learning music is supposed to be fun.  Private lessons are wonderful for students when they can learn at their own pace.  And if you’re pressured by others – remember, your studio – your rules.  You create and maintain the atmosphere of your professional space. Always do what is best for the student and YOU.