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Full Voice Music Blog

Welcome to the FULL VOICE Music Teacher Blog! We are passionate about sharing great resources and inspirational articles for the inspired vocal music teacher (that’s YOU!) Your comments and ideas are always welcome.

Our Latest Posts

Write a Better Bio (Because the rules have changed…)

July 22, 2015 

If you are a private music teacher you need to have an updated and well written teaching bio. Whether it is for your website, blog or social media outlets, how you tell the world about you and your business is extremely important. Here are the NEW rules for one of your most important marketing tools! 

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The Beauty of Pen on Paper

July 19, 2015 
I received a beautiful ball point pen from a graduating student this year. I was so excited – I LOVE pens and I haven’t stopped using it!  It writes beautifully. It makes a lovely sound on the paper. (Yes! – the sound of pen on paper is more appealing than the sound of my keyboard […]
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Making Sure Your Students Return in the Fall

June 16, 2015 

It is not wise to assume that because a student did really well in their lessons that they will automatically continue in the fall. Kids change. Schedules change.  Family finances change.  Music Teachers compete with other music teachers – and every other after school program and activity too! Families have so many fun and stimulating programs available to them. Will they be choosing your teaching studio?

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March 30, 2015 

Vocal teachers hear it all the time.  "I hate the sound of my voice". Lately, I answer with "Welcome to the club". (And then I sigh heavily because it is difficult to work with singers who can't stand the sound their voices.) Usually, the student has a truly beautiful voice - a joy to listen to, and yet they hold back,  make sad faces and complain. Sometimes, they accuse me of lying to them when I compliment the sound. Helping singers "make peace" with their voice is challenging.

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Private Voice Teachers: Finding your “niche” Market

March 18, 2015 

What is Niche Marketing? 
Concentrating all marketing efforts on a small but specific and well defined segment of the population. Niches do not 'exist' but are 'created' by identifying needs, wants, and requirements that are being addressed poorly or not at all by other firms, and developing and delivering goods or services to satisfy them. As a strategy, niche marketing is aimed at being a big fish in a small pond instead of being a small fish in a big pond. 

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March 5, 2015 

Reclaiming your personal time - With texting, e-mail, and social media, students and families can reach you 24/7 and now business activities creep into your personal time. Not to mention the unpaid time necessary to prepare for your students' weekly lessons...

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COMPETITIONS, EXAMS AND AUDITIONS – What to do when they don’t like the results

November 28, 2014 

Recitals, competitions and examinations can be great opportunities for our young music students. Competitions and recitals allow singers to perform for an appreciative audience, listen to other performers and receive constructive criticism on which to improve. But what can you do if families are unhappy with the results? 

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